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River level monitoring


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River level data

Information on Western Australia river levels, sourced from departmental river monitoring stations, is available for viewing in tabular form or the Water Information Reporting (WIR)tool.

The river monitoring stations pages provide summary and graphical presentations of river levels and some additional parameters including rainfall from all telemetered sites operated by the Department of Water throughout Western Australia. Telemetered sites operate using either satellite or mobile (GSM) technology and data is usually updated hourly subject to communications availability

Current river level advice

Please see the Bureau of Meteorology web site or Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) website for general flood warnings

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Gascoyne Flooding - What do the heights mean for you. 166 Kb The Department of Water will regularly update information as upstream heights at Fishy Pool and Jimba Jimba gauging stations increase. Once levels at these sites have peaked, an analysis of 50 years of river flow data can be undertaken and accurate levels expected at Nine Mile Bridge (9MB) can be gi...
Gascoyne River flow advice No 18 2015 223 Kb Issued by the Department of Water 4:00 pm Friday 27th March 2015
Gascoyne River flow advice No 19 2015 223 Kb Issued by the Department of Water 10:30 am Monday 30th March 2015

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