Project reports

As part of the GSS process, numerous publications have been produced which have captured information from a range of materials, including books, academic journal articles and government reports.

Save this Endnote file for a detailed Gnangara bibliography (requires Endnote software on your computer) which can be used by anyone who wishes to conduct research on the Gnangara groundwater system. For those without Endnote download as a pdf.

In developing the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy a number of projects are being implemented to help fill gaps in our knowledge. Please find below a link to reports that have been produced so far:

Biodiversity values on the mound

Future land uses for Crown land

Quantitative analysis and integration of land-use and water management scenarios

Regional planning context and future land-uses

Horticulture precinct on the Gnangara Mound

Plantation forestry

Community engagement and communication

Local area modelling

Six projects being undertaken by the Water Corporation