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Murray groundwater plan area

The Murray groundwater area covers 1050 km2 on the Swan coastal plain about 50km south of Perth. The boundaries of this plan area are based on hydrological features including the Serpentine River, Murray River, Harvey River and the iconic Peel–Harvey Estuary.

Groundwater resources in the plan area

In the plan area there are four sedimentary aquifers (unconfined and confined) and a fractured rock aquifer system along the Darling Scarp. The aquifers, in order of increasing depth, are the Superficial, Rockingham Sand (where present), Leederville and Yarragadee aquifers.

For allocation planning and licensing purposes the plan area is divided into four subareas: Nambeelup, Coolup, Pinjarra, Waroona.

 Murray Groundwater area map

Water allocation planning in the Murray area

The Murray groundwater allocation plan has been finalised and released in April 2012. We have also released a Statement of response: Murray groundwater allocation plan which summarises our response to the comments and questions received during the public comment period that ran from April to June 2010.

The plan contains new allocation limits that define water availability for groundwater in the plan area. The plan also includes policies for how we will allocate and manage water resources and sets out how we will monitor, measure and evaluate the objectives of the plan.

Why has the department prepared this water allocation plan?

The purpose of the plan is to maximise the volume of water available to support regional growth, without reducing reliability to existing users or damaging groundwater-dependent ecosystems. The plan will be an important reference tool for land-use planning.

How can I access any of the information on the Murray plan that the department has produced?

We are committed to making our technical information, which is used in the planning process publicly available.

Please click on the links to access the following documents:

Allocation plan and supporting documents

Murray groundwater allocation plan
Publish Date: 16/05/2012

Murray groundwater allocation limit methods report
Publish Date: 16/05/2012

Statement of response: Murray groundwater allocation plan
Publish Date: 16/05/2012

Murray groundwater area : subarea reference sheets
Publish Date: 16/05/2012

Further information

For licensing information, please contact the Kwinana–Peel Regional office in Mandurah. Phone (08) 9550 4222.

For planning information, please contact the Department of Water’s Water Allocation Planning branch. Phone 08 6364 7600 or email

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