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Stay up to date with water restrictions and ways to save water in your home and garden by reading the community information provided below.

Sprinkler restrictions in Western Australia

Due to the drying climate, water efficiency measures have been introduced including the introduction of restrictions on domestic sprinklers.

These restrictions include permanent efficiency measures, an annual winter sprinkler ban that applies to domestic sprinkler use and some non-domestic use, and can also include extra efficiency measures and restrictions from time to time such as extensions of the winter sprinkler ban period or other restrictions.

Domestic garden bore restrictions are imposed by the Water Agencies (Water Use) By-laws 2010.These by-laws are made by the Minister for Water, with advice from the Department of Water, under the Water Agencies (Powers) Act 1984.

For information on current scheme water restrictions click here.

For garden bore rosters click here.

For details of the winter sprinkler ban click here.

Drought proof your garden

For tips on making your garden as water efficient as possible, including brochures and posters for community education about protecting water supplies and saving water in the home and garden click here.

Community brochures

Click the brochures below for information about protecting water supplies and for saving water in the home and garden.

Water efficiency measures

There are lots of ways you can save water in your house and in your garden. To find out more click here.

Please contact the Department of Water if you require further information on

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